Patio Doors

Perhaps more than any other product Empire offers, buying a high quality Patio Door is important, because poorly constructed Patio Doors can become service nightmares. That is why when it comes to Patio Doors, Empire offers only the highest quality Patio Doors Like the Kingsroyal vinyl patio door and the Semco wood patio door.

Over the decades Empire has installed hundreds of patio doors in communities all across central Ohio. Our Patio Doors come standard with a number of excellent features, including an additional dead bolt lock and heavy duty screen, so you can sleep easy knowing your home is secure.

When buying a Patio Door you must also consider energy efficiency, since Patio Doors are larger then most windows, they also cause more heat loss then windows. It is important to purchase a Patio Door with an excellent Air infiltration rating, low U-factor and SHGC to keep your heating and cooling bills low.

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