Famous Window Styles

Famous Window Styles

Perfect homes need replacement windows Columbus, OH. The most famous styles are repeated throughout history. When people fall in love with a style, it’s never forgotten. Windows used to be a luxury. Only the rich could afford nice windows. In fact, the United Kingdom used to charge a window tax for every window in a building.

Modern people don’t have to deal with window taxes but large, impressive-looking windows are still associated with wealth. This post will outline some of the most famous styles that you can try in your own home.

Stained Glass

Stained glass windows have been popular for a very long time. Their striking appearance makes them valuable in churches and other religious centers. Stained glass windows are even used in homes and storefronts sometimes. It’s a very dramatic look. Just because it’s associated with religion doesn’t mean your stained glass windows can’t be completely secular.

The great thing about stained glass windows is that you can choose a completely custom design. They’re very popular in front door window slats. Plain glass in these areas is sometimes seen as too revealing.


Double-hung windows are the most common window style in the West. You’ll see these windows in all types of homes and storefronts. These windows feature two glass panes capable of sliding up and down. The biggest drawback to this style is that they’re not very secure. They’re often large, providing access to potential robbers. The size could also be a problem if you have young children. Because the window panes slide open, the child could slip out.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are famous because they’re stunning. Most great properties have at least one picture window. Unlike double-hung windows, picture windows generally don’t open or close. Their entire purpose is to show off a beautiful view and to allow an appreciable amount of sunlight to enter the room.

If your home is surrounded by nature, you might enjoy having a picture window.

Awning Windows

Awning windows operate on a pivot. The top remains stationary while the bottom part of the window moves. They’re popular because they’re more secure than double-hung windows. This might be a good choice for your first-floor windows, especially if you’re worried about possible intruders.

The problem with awning windows is that they’re reliant on the crank. That means that they can break down easily. You’ll have to pay more attention to an awning window than a picture window.

Slider Window

Slider windows are exactly what they sound like. They’re windows comprised of panes of glass that slide from side to side. These windows are falling out of favor now because the style looks slightly old-fashioned. However, they’re still used because they’re affordable and they tend to last longer than other styles.

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