All-Natural Cleaning Supplies for Windows and More

All-Natural Cleaning Supplies for Windows and More

The best replacement windows Dublin, OH deserve to be taken care of. One of the easiest ways to do that is to keep your windows clean and sparkling. Regular window cleanings will help your entire home look better. Natural cleaning supplies can make the experience a lot more pleasant.

The right natural cleaning supplies will be cheap and non-toxic. One of the benefits of making your own cleaning supplies is saving money.

All-Purpose Cleaner

A lot of your small windows are handled every day. People touch the glass with dirty fingers, they gather dust. It’s impossible to keep your windows germ-free forever. A good all-purpose cleaner will help you out. You can use:

      • Water
      • Vinegar
      • Lemon rind

Combine everything in a spray bottle and let it sit for a few days. Once the citrus is infused, you’ll have a sweet-smelling, environmentally friendly spray to use. It’ll work on a lot more than just your windows. You can spray it on smudges on the walls surrounding windows and on the windowsills.

Glass Cleaner

Once your windows are grime-free, it’s time to use a glass cleaner. You can buy Windex, or you can make your own. Here’s what you need:

      • Water
      • Vinegar
      • ¼ cup rubbing alcohol

This solution will leave your windows sparkling clean. The experts say that you shouldn’t wash your windows on excessively hot, sunny days. Not only will you be uncomfortable, but the solution will also dry almost instantly, leaving you with streaks you can’t get rid of.


When you need to deal with tough stains, you need something strong enough to handle it. There’s no point in cleaning your windows if you’re going to leave the rest of your home in a state of disrepair. To make your own heavy-duty scrub you need:

      • Borax powder
      • Lemon

This mixture can deal with the toughest stains in your bathroom. Rust rings can’t survive if you apply this concoction.

Part of the reason why it makes sense to make your own cleaning supplies is because of the potential health benefits. Over the counter cleaning supplies are full of chemicals that some people may be sensitive too. You also have to think about your pets. Homemade cleaning supplies rely on natural ingredients.

If you never want to think about cleaning your windows, you can hire a cleaning service. When it comes to the large, impressive picture windows that you love so much, you should hire an expert who specifically works with windows. They only need to come out once or twice a year to be effective.

If you want someone to clean your day to day windows as well, you don’t need to hire someone who specifically works with windows. A general cleaner or maid is all that you need. Having someone come once a month can be enough.

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