Why It’s Important to Get a Free Home Estimate Before You Choose a Window

Why It’s Important to Get a Free Home Estimate Before You Choose a Window

If you’ve been looking into purchasing replacement windows in Delaware, OH, there are a few things you should know before you choose your next window. While some homeowners may realize this, others may not. You should get a free in-home estimate before you choose your next window.

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“But I already know what kind of window I want!” Is some of the things homeowners say to this suggestion, and though you may know what you want it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s what’s best for your home. For instance, maybe you’ve picked out wood windows and envisioned how beautiful they will look in your home. You’re all set and you call up the window company that you’ve chosen to work with, except now they want to come to your home for an estimate?

An estimate is not just to assess how much a window and installation will cost. Estimates are also done because it’s important that homeowners know what type of window they’re getting and how this window will perform in their home. While most windows will fit every space, sometimes what you’ve decided through online browsing may not be the best bet for your space.

Maybe you’ve set your mind on wood windows only to find out in your home estate that a vinyl replacement window would be much more beneficial for your home. Or maybe you’ve decided vinyl windows are the best choice for your space but when you have an estimate done, a professional explains why a wood window or a specific style of window would fit your home better.

Even if the window you have chosen is perfect for your space, it’s still helpful to have an estimate and to know exactly what your installation entails. Price, installation time and any other information the installation is very helpful and can put you at ease when it comes to your purchase. At Empire Windows, we love servicing the Upper Arlington area and helping people find the best choice for their home that will last them years and make their space look amazing.

At Empire Windows, we offer a free in-home estimate. Our trained staff will go over your best options and help you choose the right fit for your home and budget. We’ve been serving the Ohio area for over 50 years and love helping our customers find the right windows that won’t destroy their budget. We know the window industry and what replacement windows work and which ones don’t. We’re here for the Ohio community and go above and beyond our competitors, providing the best services and products. And at affordable prices, too!

Call Empire Windows now to speak with us at (614) 766-1400. Or, you can visit us at 6241 U.S. Hwy 23 N., Delaware, OH 43015. Empire Windows are the number one choice for replacement windows in the Delaware area. Let us show you why!

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