When It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

When It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

So you’re unsure if your windows need to be replaced or not? Can’t remember the last time you replaced them? Or perhaps you purchased a new home and aren’t familiar with the history of the home’s windows. This happens a lot. You lose track of time when it comes to window replacement in Dublin, OH. No one checks their windows every day, and most don’t keep receipts of window purchases from 5, 10 or 15 years ago. If you don’t know when your windows were installed it’s okay because there are other ways to tell if your windows need to be replaced. Some of these ways can be obvious, and some, not so much.

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For instance, if your windows appear to be cracked, damaged or broken in any way, it might be time that you have your window replaced. For a scenario like this, it’s best to call in a professional to assess the damage and see if your window is salvageable. Sometimes windows can be fixed and other times not so much. Luckily, if you live in the Dublin, OH and surrounding areas, you can contact Empire Windows.

Sometimes your windows don’t need to be cracked or visibly broken to need replacing. Sometimes your windows can leak air. This is not a good thing for any homeowner to hear. Leaking air means an increase in energy bills as well as an uncomfortable space. When your windows leak air, most homeowners can feel the change in temperature. This causes them to constantly readjust their thermostats because of the uncomfortable temperatures in their home. Constantly adjusting your thermostats translates to an influx in energy usage which means your energy bill is now costing more. Since air leaks are not like cracks or damages that are usually seen by the naked eye, they can go undetected for a while. If you find yourself constantly adjusting the thermostat, you should look into replacement windows and have a professional come in and assess your windows.

Though it is not absolutely necessary, sometimes replacement windows are installed in a home because a homeowner’s windows are extremely outdated. When you’re remodeling or renovating, or even if you’re not doing either, windows that are outdated and look bad can become eyesores. They can way down the value of a property and make your home look unmaintained. And replacing these windows is, unfortunately, your only option when it comes to this.

At Empire Windows, we’ve been servicing homes in Ohio for over 50 years. We’re here to help you find the best replacement windows in the Dublin, Ohio area. Whether you’re looking to replace a broken or damaged window, or just fix the look of your property, our friendly and professional team can assist you.

Contact Empire Windows today to speak with one of our staff members who can assist you with all your window needs at (614) 766-1400. Or, you can visit us at 6241 U.S. Hwy 23 N., Delaware, OH 43015. Empire Windows is the best-choice for replacement windows in Ohio.

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