The Endless Benefits of Vinyl Windows

The Endless Benefits of Vinyl Windows

If you haven’t heard of vinyl windows by now, then you’re missing out. Vinyl windows are one of the best windows on the market. These small frames pack a powerful punch and can be a major improvement for homeowners all across the country. There’s no debating that the weather in Columbus, Ohio can be seasonably cold during the winter. While other parts of the country are getting pelted with ice and snow, and other parts are staying at a reasonable 75, the weather in Columbus can vary. It’s important that your home have the best windows during the winter months to protect you from any drafts or leaks.

When you hear the word “vinyl,” many things might come to mind. But the best term for this material is magic. Vinyl windows are made of PVC, polyvinyl chloride, the same material used to make plumbing pipes. Because of their strength and durability, this material is perfect for everyday use and will last longer. Vinyl windows are also extremely easy to clean. You can use just soap and water to remove any dirt or dust from these windows, unlike other window materials. Vinyl windows will also never require endless amounts of maintenance. A lot of windows on the market these days will have homeowners throughout the years busy with maintenance work, but not vinyl windows.

These windows were made for easy care, and homeowners in mind. You’ll never have to repaint, refurbish, reseal or even re-stain vinyl windows. These windows are the best windows in the industry. In addition to the benefits above, vinyl windows will also help protect from damaging ultra-violet rays. What does that mean for your home? Protection. Ultra-violet rays can damage drapes, fabrics, antiques, carpeting, wood flooring, and so many other things in your home. It’s important to find new windows that have this added benefit of protection, since not all do. Vinyl windows will also help block outside noise so you can enjoy your home the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

At Empire Windows, we love helping out homeowners and making their homes beautiful, one window at a time. Whether you live in or near Columbus, Ohio, Empire Windows is just one call away. We offer a Five Point Guarantee unlike any of our competitors. At Empire Windows, we promise your estimate will be less than one hour, we’ll never pressure you into something, we’ll call ahead if we aren’t able to make the estimate on time, we’ll give you the best price and we’ll recycle and repurpose your old windows. With over 50 years-experience, Empire Windows is the number one choice for windows in Columbus, Ohio. 

Call Empire Windows today to set-up a free in-home estimate at (614) 766-1400. You can also visit our showroom located at 6241 U.S. Hwy 23 N., Delaware, OH 43015. Empire Windows is here to help you find the best window for your home, whether it be vinyl or any other windows. We’ve got you covered.  

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