Sprucing Up Your Windows

Sprucing Up Your Windows

Not sure how to fix your vinyl windows? Thinking of purchasing curtains or drapes for your windows? Deciding between blinds and verticals? Deciding on which window treatment is right for your vinyl windows can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Vinyl windows, unlike other windows, look great with any type of treatment. These windows will add curbside appeal and resale value to your home no matter where you live in Ohio. Vinyl windows are known for their money saving features in addition to their other benefits. But when it comes to dressing up your home and windows, you can rest easy knowing whatever you put on these windows will look great. 

However, for those who are trying to narrow down a specific look, there are ways to incorporate a certain look into your home. For example, for those who are trying to create a more feminine look in their space, curtains might be more suitable. Curtains are generally known to be lighter and are made of airy fabrics. This works great because you can purchase lace or even sheer curtains to get a more feminine look. Another window treatment option, such as drapes, is for those with modern tastes. Purchasing drapes in blues, teals, oranges and browns will help homeowners achieve that modern look they’ve been pining over. Drapes also help block out sunlight, allowing minimal light in. Drapes are perfect for places such dining rooms, living rooms and dens. Not only can you control the amount of sunlight entering in your space, but you can also adjust the look and feel of your space with drapes. Just simply close them, congregate all the fabric to inside for a sophisticated look or part them down the middle for a different look each day.  

Even throwing blinds into the mix is a way to spruce up the look while keeping your privacy. A lot of homeowners love bare windows, but for most people, this doesn’t work well due to the fact that most homeowners don’t have acres of land where they’re safe and out of sight from the view of their neighbors. But adding window treatments to your home isn’t a bad thing at all. In fact, it adds style and personality to your space and makes a room seem more full and cozy just by having a window treatment, so don’t shy away from decorating your windows.

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