How Important Are Ratings?

How Important Are Ratings?

Thinking of replacing your windows? Unsure of how window ratings should play into your decision? It’s important to research a product before you purchase it, especially if it’s something that’s in charge of protecting your home and family; especially when you plan on using the product for over a decade.

You can never be too sure on a product. It’s important to research on your own and also consider what the company you choose has to say. At Empire Windows, we offer our expert opinion to homeowners about their windows, and what would best suit their home. Window shopping isn’t the easiest and most fun thing to do, that’s why we help in any way we can by making the whole process simpler.  

When it comes to ratings, it’s important that your window of choice has a good rating. If the window you’re looking into has a poor rating, chances are it’s not a high-performance window and won’t be very beneficial to your home or pocket. Performance doesn’t always matter on the price. You can be purchasing a very expensive window that has a poor rating, or a window that is very affordable and has a great rating. 

If you’d rather look up the rating of a window you’re interested in on your own, prior to speaking with a window installer or technician, then there are some alternatives to finding out how well a window actually performs. Two websites specifically made for window ratings are and These websites are non-profit and give real, honest information to homeowners who are seeking new windows. You can visit these websites and browse specific windows to see how they’ve performed when put to the test. These two websites are great ways to make informed decisions and help add pros or cons to your list, for making a final decision.

With replacement windows, it’s no surprise that every homeowner would want a window that performs the best. Whether you live in the Bexley, Ohio area or somewhere nearby, you know that replacement windows are an important part of keeping your home and family safe. At Empire Windows, we’re here to service the Bexley community. With 50 years’ experience, we’re dedicated to bringing the top-rated and most affordable products to the Bexley area. Replacement windows are a big deal and a large investment; it’s important to get the right windows for your home and make the best choice.

When it comes down to it, window ratings are important. It’s very rare that a window that performs poorly when tested will perform perfectly once installed in your home. It’s best to choose windows that have a high-performance rating so you can rest easy knowing your home is safe.

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